Thursday, September 25, 2008

Week 5 - Day 3 on 9/25/2008

I skipped a day due to splitting headache and started to do the pushups in the morning, after about the first four sets, My son woke up and that put an end to my pushups. Then I did the pushups again in the evening.

In W5D2 I had done a total of 130 pushups including 38 in the final set. IN W5D3, the required pushups is only 107, which means I will have to do 53 pushups just to keep up with the total number from W5D2. That I was sure was going to be very difficult, but I was going to give a try anyway.

I was required to do 12,12,12,12,10,10,9, Max(At least 30)

I managed to do 12,12,12,12,10,10,9,45

Eventhough I fell short of achiving, what I wanted to in the last set, I am still happy with the result, I managed to do 7 more pushups in the lastset than my previous set. Morever, I did more pushups in the last set than what I did for the exhaustive test.

When I began this week, I had decided, that I was going to repeat this week untill I did 40 pushups on all the last sets for this week and also I will have to do 50+ pushups in the exhaustion test. I did 40+ pushups on the last set only in one day out of three. If I am able to do 50+ pushups in the exhaustion test, Iwill move on to W6 or else I will be repeating W5.

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