Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Week 5 - Day 1 - Fourth Attempt on 9/3/2008

Well... I was not feeling very good about the previous days pushups. Although I came close to finishing up all the sets, it did not feel right. I took lot of extra rest between sets..up to 2 minutes and more. There were other interruptions as well.

So today i got up at 4:00 Am, decided not to take any more than 60 seconds of rest between sets. I would also try to do as many pushups as possible without stopping for rest.Here is what happened.

I was required to do 30,24,22,20,Max(atleast 30)

I was able to do 30,13,12,12,15

Truly spectacular failure. Although I am very frustrated at my performance, it's good to face reality. The reality is that i am still far away from being able to do 100 pushups. The total number of pushups today is in line with W4D3. The other pushups that I did on Week 5 involved plenty of rest and some of them involved using up every ounce of strength.

Going forward, I am thinking of making a slight change, instead of continuing on W5D1, I am going to try W5D2 and W5D3 and then repeat Week 5 again untill I am able to do them right. This will help me in the long run to get to 100 pushups.


Joe Scherb said...

A couple of thoughts;

1) Remember this program is really about tenacity. As long as you keep maxing out and stressing the system each day you'll gain strength. It might just take some time, but you'll get there.

2) I've never done well working out in the morning. Normally stiff & tired. Maybe that's what got you today. ??

3) I like repeating the entire week. It's got to be tough doing the same workout over and over. Like banging your head on a wall.

Either way, hang in there & keep it up. Your the only one with a blog past week 2 ;-)

Jacob Aliet said...

Hey, I am also past week 2 and I have a blog, plus there is that other 1mile run slim guy who also has a blog and he has done 104!
Keep it up though. I will do week 5 day three on Saturday.