Friday, September 5, 2008

Week 5 - Day 2 on 9/5/2008

Since I could not complete, W5D1 after four attempts, I decided to move onto W5D2 and repeat this week untill I get all the pushups required. Todays workout was fairly easy and I was able to do the last set pretty easily.

I was required to do 15,15,14,14,12,12,10,Max(30)

I was able to do 15,15,14,14,12,12,10 , 29.5

As I was about to finish the last pushup of the last set, My Kiddo who was hovering around decides to poke his head and body right between my arms and below my head :). He has a tendecy to do this whenever i do pushups, either come between my hands or jump on my back. Anyways I am going to consider this a full workout.

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Jacob Aliet said...

29.5. Hmmm.... I like that. Keep it up.