Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Exhaustion Test

Well I managed 60 Pushups on my exhaustion test.

Here is my progression of exhaustion for the last four months: 15,19,35,40,43,51,60

I have been making steady improvements over the last four months. I never expected this to be easy task. 100 pushups is no easy task. I will continue Week 6 at the second level starting tommorow.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Week 6 : Day 3 on 10/27/2008

I did not have much trouble to finish up W6D3. I did 51 pushups in the last set, although Like yesterday, I thought I was going to have an heart attack towards the end :) The weird thing is that even after doing 50 pushups, My arms are not the least bit tired, but I am breathing very hard and my rest of the body is on the verge of collapsing. May be my next workout ought to be couch to 5k program.

I was required to do 13,13,17,17,14,14,16,16,Max(50)

I was able to do 13,13,17,17,14,14,16,16,51

I will be doing an exhaustion test tommorow, I am hoping to do atleast 60+ pushups and then repeat W6 on column 2.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Week 6 : Day 2 on 10/24/2008

Today, I was in a bit of rush, I was getting late for work and also had to get my son ready. On top of that I was a day late in doing the W6D2. So I did today pushups at a very fast pace, So all my pushups may not have been good form pushups.

I was required to do 14,14,15,15,14,14,10,10,max(44)

I was able to do 14,14,15,15,14,14,10,10,45

I barely took any rest between sets and did them at a good solid pace. In the last set, I did not even pause to take rest, Kept pushuing untill I hit 45. Although, I got to say, I thought I was going to have a heart attack after the 42nd pushup. I could feel lot of pressure on my chest.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Week 6 : Day 1 Sixth Attempt on 9/21/2008

Finally... Managed to do all 5 sets successfully. Todays pushups were not that hard at all. I made a slight change, Instead of counting one by one, I counted in sets of 5. For instance... first set is 5 sets of five and second sent is six sets of five and so on. This way of counting seems like a no-brainer, but for some reason, I never felt like trying this before. This made a huge difference in doing the final set.

By the time I got to 30+ in the final set, My hands started shivering and by the time I got to 37, it felt like my head was about to explode. I was feeling bit of added weight in my head, but sqeaked in 3 more and finished my 40.

I am looking forward to wrap up day 2 and 3 as soon as possible.

Informal Test of strength on 10/19/2008

Informal Test of strength, involves putting my almost 3YO son on my back and doing pushups. Today I did 20 pushups. I could have done more, but did not feel like it.. The Last time I tried this, I managed 15 such pushups. It's a nice improvement. I will do this test again in couple of weeks.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Week 6 : Day 1 - Fifth Attempt on 10/17/2008

I still did not finish all sets today, but I did manage 5 additional pushups . I am not frustrated at all. I did 35 pushups on the last set, Although I could have done more... by the 34th pushup my hands were violently shaking,fearing I would fall face down, pulled myself up to do one more and stopped.

I was required to do 25,30,20,15,Max(40)
I managed to do 25,30,20,15,35

One wierd thing about todays workout was that my body was more tired than my hands between pushups, especially after 2nd and 3rd sets, I was breathing heavy, So I did extra rest between sets untill my breathing went back to normal.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Week 6 : Day 1 : Fourth Attempt on 10/14/2008

Well...Although I would like to think that couple of personal changes in life caused my workout routines to go haywire and it caused me to slack off for the past 11 days, The truth is laziness builds upon laziness and lack of motivation induces further lack of motivation. I should Have seen this coming, Looking thru the previous posts, I realized that on many days I was doing pushups at least a day late instead of alternative days and also had a tendecy to do them as late as possible in the day.

I also let myself be distracted by another workout routine designed by my coworker's karate instructor . This has to do with doing 60 situps in a minute. I should have waited untill I was done with pushups before getting started on something new.

Anyways, it was a pleasant surprise to be able to repeat my previous pushup count, I expected to struggle thru every set, fortunately that did not happen.

I was required to do 25,30,20,15, Max(4)

I managed to do 25,30,20,15,30

I am very happy to have done this today and look forward to repeating this day untill I am successful.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Week 6 - Day 1 Third Attempt on 10/3/2008

Looks like I am going to be in Week 6 for a while, I did 3 pushups less than my last attempt, Inspite of taking more rest in the last set. I started the pushups not in the right mindset, Even Before I started, I sort of convinced myself, that I will not finish all the sets today.

I was required to do 25,30,20,15,Max(40)

I managed to do 25,30,20,15,30

The only silver lining today was that I did 20 pushups before pausing in the second set. IN the last workout, I paused after 15 pushups in the second set.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Week 6 - Day 1 Second Attempt on 10/1/2008

Today, I changed to thinly carpeted surface to do pushups. My last workout which was done on a hardwood floor turned to be bit difficult. Todays pushups were not that different either, although I managed to do 7 more pushups.

I was required to do 25,30,20,15 Max(40)

I was able to do 25,30,20,15,33

The first set was easy as usual, Second set not as easy as the first one. I had to pause after the 15, then did 5 at a time untill 30. Next 20 and 15 were done in quick succession on the hardwood floor, beacuse I had to run up and warm up milk for my kiddo who just woke up. Then after giving my son a bottle of milk to drink, I raced to the basement to do the last set. My arms started to get tired around 15, then i did few pushups in sets of three and then finally one by one untill I collapsed at 33