Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Week 6 - Day 1 Second Attempt on 10/1/2008

Today, I changed to thinly carpeted surface to do pushups. My last workout which was done on a hardwood floor turned to be bit difficult. Todays pushups were not that different either, although I managed to do 7 more pushups.

I was required to do 25,30,20,15 Max(40)

I was able to do 25,30,20,15,33

The first set was easy as usual, Second set not as easy as the first one. I had to pause after the 15, then did 5 at a time untill 30. Next 20 and 15 were done in quick succession on the hardwood floor, beacuse I had to run up and warm up milk for my kiddo who just woke up. Then after giving my son a bottle of milk to drink, I raced to the basement to do the last set. My arms started to get tired around 15, then i did few pushups in sets of three and then finally one by one untill I collapsed at 33

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