Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Week 6 : Day 1 : Fourth Attempt on 10/14/2008

Well...Although I would like to think that couple of personal changes in life caused my workout routines to go haywire and it caused me to slack off for the past 11 days, The truth is laziness builds upon laziness and lack of motivation induces further lack of motivation. I should Have seen this coming, Looking thru the previous posts, I realized that on many days I was doing pushups at least a day late instead of alternative days and also had a tendecy to do them as late as possible in the day.

I also let myself be distracted by another workout routine designed by my coworker's karate instructor . This has to do with doing 60 situps in a minute. I should have waited untill I was done with pushups before getting started on something new.

Anyways, it was a pleasant surprise to be able to repeat my previous pushup count, I expected to struggle thru every set, fortunately that did not happen.

I was required to do 25,30,20,15, Max(4)

I managed to do 25,30,20,15,30

I am very happy to have done this today and look forward to repeating this day untill I am successful.

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Joe Scherb said...

Good news... A little rest never hurt anyone. I thought you might have been down for the count.

Top 5 reasons BM stopped doing pushups;
5. Learned too late the floor was being resealed.
4. Pushed down and left two hand size holes.
3. 11 days of fasting and meditation for personal religious reasons.
2. Needed time to celebrate the new Cheezy Bacon BK wrapper at Burger King.
1. Didn't want this whole push up thing to look too easy.