Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Week 3 : Day 1 Fifth Attempt on 7/30/2008

Another extremely frustrating and dissapointing day of pushups. I mamanged only one additional pushup from the previous workout. I managed the first 3 sets without breaking a sweat and then towards the middle of 4th set i started struggling and in the final set I collapsed after the 12the pushup. What was even more disappointing was that minute later i did another set and i was easily able to do another 5 pushups. This now makes me mad becasue I gave up in a moment of weakness.

I don't know why I am giving up so easily.... But I am going to keep trying.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Week 3 - Day 1 Fourth Attempt on 7/28/2008

Another Dissapointing failure to finish all the sets. I finished the first 4 sets with some degree of difficulty, But on the final set I was able to do only 11 pushups instead of the required 15. On the brighter side i did a total of 60 pushups, two more than my previous attempt.

On the other hand, It is not easy to lift up and down 200 lbs of fat, I envy the skinny guys, who I am sure could do pushups far more easily that i could ever do. I was also concerned if all this difficulty to finish up the sets is in my head. To find out, I tried to do another pushup a minute after I failed to finish my 5th set, I could not even lift myself up.

Overall I am not too disappointed, I am more stronger, more confident and hopefully this program will teach me much needed perseverence.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Week 3 - Day 1 Third Attempt on 7/25/2008

Another Semi-Successful day, Failed again to finish all the sets, But did complete the first four sets. I was only able to do 9 pushups in the 5th set instead of the required 15.

It looks like the 6 week program may end up taking around 10-12 weeks for me to finish. I don't care how long it takes. The Greatest thrill of this program is that every day i do the pushups, I get a chance to better my previous days record. Today I did 58 Pushups, 8 more than the previous attempt.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Deja Vu

The only time i ever did more than 50 pushps was about 20 years ago when i was a teenager. I remember that day vividly. Even those days I had never done more than 25 consequetive pushps, But that day, while i was doing the pushups, all of a sudden, I had this rush of energy and kept doing pushups way past my previous limits. I had that same sensation yesterday although it only lasted for 3 pushups. At one point my hands were getting very tired and started shivering and I thought I was about to collapse, then out of blue, My hands stopped shivering and became steady and all the fatigue in my hands vanished. I did another 3 Pushups without any effort and then My hands started shivering again and the fatigue came back. Pretty soon I collapsed unable to do no more pushups.

Week 3 - Day 1 Second Attempt on 7/23/2008

Another Dissapointing performance, Failed to manage all the required pushups. I was also not able to do any more pushups than my last attempt. Managed a total of 50 Pushups

I was required to do 15,12,12,10,Max(Atleast 15)

I managed to do 15,12,10,7,6

I believe, I made a mistake when I did the first two sets (15,12) in a very fast pace For some reason I thought that would help me in the later sets, Instead I think my hands got tired real fast.

Will try this again friday....

Monday, July 21, 2008

Week 3 - Day 1 on 7/21/2008

I knew third week was going to be tough, but had no idea it was going to be this difficult

I was required to do 15,12,12,10,Max(Atleast 15)

I managed to do 15,12,8,8,7

A truly spectacular failure to complete the sets. On the Positive side, I did 50 pushups today, I will repeat this untill I finish all the sets.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Exhaustion Test

I am kinda dissapointed, that I did not even finish 20 pushups, collapsed after 19. This means starting from week 3, I step down a column to Column one. I don't understand this, I was able to do good 15 pushups in the initial test and I was expecting to do atleast 25. I guess it's not easy to lift 190 lbs of body weight up and down. It might be helpful to loose some weight :)

Anyways... looking forward to Week 3, Can't wait to get started

Friday, July 18, 2008

Week 2 - Day 3 on 7/18/2008

Finished all 5 sets, without too much difficulty. Did an additional 2 pushups for the 5th set. Before i started the pushups, I decided that i am going to try to do 3 additional pushups for the 5th set. I believe that decision helped me complete the fifth set of pushups.

Over the weekend, I will be doing an exhaustion test to determine, how many consequetive pushups i can do. What ever that number may be, I am sure that will be the most consequetive pushups i have ever done in my adult life.

Week 3 looks really difficult. Assuming i stay in level 2, The Number of pushups goes from 46 in the second week to 83 pushups in week 3. I do not think i will be able to finish week 3 in one attempt. But then that's what i thought in the beginning of week 2 and I was easily able to wrap up week 2,

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Week 2 - Day 2 on 7/16/2008

Completed All five sets, Did one more additional pushup on the fifth set. Muscle Fatigue feels great on my biceps. It did get dificult towards the 5th set, First 4 sets were pretty easy to do.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Week 2: Day 1 on 7/14/2008

Completed all five sets fairly easily, Did an additional 4 pushups in the 5th set. Day 2 and 3 of this week looks a bit more difficult, Looking forward to doing more pusups.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Week 1: Day 3 Fourth Attempt on 7/11/2008

Finally managed to complete all five sets, did 10 pushups on the last set, tried to do one more, but could not do it. I am thrilled and excited. Looking forward to second weeks pushups.

Week 1: Day 3 Third attempt on 7/9/2008

Failure again, this time did 8 pushups on the 5th set, one more than the previous attempt. Collapsed after the 8th pushup, just could not lift myself up. I am wondering, if the reason I am not able to complete the 5th set is psychological. At the same time It feels great, Because I have never pushed my body this much in recent years

Week 1: Day 3 Second attempt on 7/7/2008

Got two days of rest, Second attempt at the day 3 plan failed. I could only 7 pushups instead of 10 on the fifth set. At least I did one more than the previous try.

Week 1: Day 3 on 7/4/2008

Managed to complete, the first four sets, but could only manage 6 on the 5th set instead of 10. I could not lift myself up after the sixth pushup and collapsed on the floor.

Week 1: Day 2 on 7/2/2008

Again, another easy workout, completed all 5 sets, tried to do one more on the 5th set just could not do it.

Week 1: Day 1 on 6/30/2008

Easily completed all 5 sets, did one more on the last set. My muscles are sore and my entire hands hurt, but in a good way, I am really liking it.

Initial Test

I am really surprised, I was able to do 15 pushups before I could do no more, I really did not expect to be able to do more that 10. This means that I have the follow the sets on column 3 in the plan, that seems a bit intimidating to me, so I decide to follow the plan on the column 2, which is for people who did between 6-10 pushups in the initial test.

One Hundered Pushups

I came across this site HundredPushups couple of weeks ago on a discussion board somewhere, and immediately the idea of doing 100 pushups got me excited like never before. This site gives you a plan of action to be able to do 100 pushups in one go. The maximum number of pushups that I have ever done is around 50, BUT that was when I was 20 years younger, 60 lbs lighter, 10 inches less around my waist…. You get the picture.

I guess the one reason, why this program attracted me is because it is set up as a challenge, and I love a challenge, when the goals are well defined and feels attainable