Monday, September 22, 2008

Week 5 - Day 2 Third attempt on 9/22/2008

I slacked off for a day, I was supposed to do W5D2 yesterday. This is nothing new, I tend to slack off after accomplishing something significant. For me successfully completing W5D1 was big deal.

I was required to do 15,15,14,14,12,12,10, Max (atleast 30).
I managed to do 15,15,14,14,12,12,10,38 .

I started todays pushup with the goal of beating previous days record of 128 pushups. I did total of 130 pushups, 2 more than W5D1.. I am happy with the result. The first seven sets were effortless, In most of the sets I took less than 45 seconds of rest. However before the final set, I took full 2 minutes of rest, That really helped in doing 38 pushups in the last set. My hands started shaking after 33 pushups. From that point on it was one at a time till the 38th pushup.

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