Monday, September 1, 2008

Week 5 - Day 1 - Third Attempt on 8/1/2008

Failed again to finish up all the sets. The reality is that I just gave up in the last set.

I was required to do 30,24,22,20, Max(atleast 30)

I was able to do 30,24,22,20, 20

For some reason todays workout was really difficult compared to the same workout from couple of days ago. I had to increase my resting period to atleast 120 seconds in the 3,4 and 5th sets to keep me going. Before I was about to do the fifth set, there were couple if interuptions, such as Phone rang, Wife came over to talk about something. Due to the additional rest before the 5th set, the pushups in the 5th set were not as streanous as usual. I could have easily finished the 5th set, So I decided to stop at 20 and retry W5D1 again on Wednesday.


Joe Scherb said...

Only 10 short, not too bad. You'll get it next time.

I was worried you might be done when you posted about a pain in your arm.

Keep at it.


BM said...


The pain has not completely gone. At this point the pain is minor enough to just ignore it.

Jacob Aliet said...

I think you should have completed the set after the interruption, unless it took longer than 5 mins.
Keep it up. I completed week 5 day two today.