Thursday, September 11, 2008

Week 5 - Day 1 - Fifth Attempt 9/11/2008

My goal for week5 is to be able to do atleast 40 pushups on the last set for each day. I am not advancing to week6 even if I manage the minimum number of pushups (30) on the last set for Week5. The more I sweat it out in Week5, Week6 will be that much easier. At this point I can do 40 pushups at a time, I can advance to Week6 if I am able to do atleast 45. Another goal is to be ale to do atleast 50 pushups before moving onto week6.

So I was required to do 30,24,22,20,Max(Atleast 30)

What I was able to do 30,24,12,14,20

First Set was very easy, almost effortless, Pushups began to get harder towards the middle of second set, I managed to finish second set, by doing one pushup at a time. In the the third and fourth set I did what ever I could do, I could have done more in those sets, but decided to save some energy for the last set. Finally in the last set, pushed thru untill I collapsed.

I managed to stay within the time limits for the resting period between sets. I was surprised how quickly 60 seconds pass by when my arms were tired especially after second set.

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