Saturday, September 27, 2008

Exhaustion Test

I started the exhaustion test with the intention of atleast 54 pushups, I was aiming for 20% improvement from the time I did 45 pushups on the last set of W5D3. I did the first 37 pushups without stopping, then paused for a few seconds, then did two sets of 3 untill 43, then another set of 2 untill 45, At this point I was begining to get nervous, thinking I may not even get to 50. Then I pushed one by one untill 50 and then I had to do atleast one more to make it 50+. After pushing down, I had to use every last bit strength to push up again to complete 51 pushups.

Although I am a bit dissapointed that I had to really struggle to get to 51 pushups, truth is that I am sort of tired of doing Week 5 for the last one month. So I will be starting Week 6 on monday.

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Jacob Aliet said...

I am also starting week 6 this week. Congratulations and keep it up. We gain either way.
The Running Writer