Friday, August 22, 2008

Week 4 - Day 3 Second Attempt on 8/22/2008

I don't know if it's my hands or me that gave up with just one more pushup to go. I was required to do 20,15,15,15,Max (atleast 18). I managed 20,15,15,15,17.

In some ways it's very frustrating to give up one step short of final destination, i was looking forward to the exhaustion test and week 5. At the same time, it's no big deal, I will try again on sunday. I took a little too much rest between 3rd and 4th sets, more than my usual 60 seconds at least 120 seconds. To compensate for the overresting, I decided to take a much shorter rest (45 seconds ) between 4th and 5th set. After the seventeen pushups, I coud not lift myself up for the final one and just collapsed on the floor.

1 comment:

Joe Scherb said...

Noooo.... one short! Ouch that's got to be frustrating.

On the good side, you probably got a really good workout in ;-)

You'll get it tomorrow.