Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Week 3 - Day 3 on 8/13/2008

It was a plesant surprise to be able to successfully complete W3D3 in just one attempt, I was mentally prepared to repeat this day if necessary. It took me 11 days to finish up days 1&2 of week 3.

As usual first set was easy, started to get difficult towards the end of second set. 3rd and 4th set was quite a struggle. The final set almost killed my arms, but surprisingly my arms had the strength to keep pushing.

My biggest concern is always my tendency to give up when things are going well. These days every day before the pushups, I have an urge to drop out, quit or delay the pushups and the only thing that keeps me from not quiting is the realization that how much I would hate myself later if I just gave up now.

Other than that, I am looking forward to week 4, it does not look as intimidating as week 3 looked at the end of week 2. Besides I am going on vacation next week and I intend to continue with the program in my vacation. One additional goal for next week will be to do more pushups on the final set instead of doing the minimum required. So far I have rarely done more than the minimum number of pushups for the final set.


Jacob Aliet said...

Keep it up! Great work.
I am on day two of week two, which I am repeating.

BM said...


Thanks for your comments, I have been following your blog at various occasions. Good luck to you as well with running and pushups

Joe Scherb said...

Congrats on your progress through week 3.

I'm repeating my week 3 for the 3rd time starting Monday, so I'm at the stage that I'm really depressed about my progress so far. I'm expecting to make it through next time. (or die trying)