Saturday, August 23, 2008

Informal Test of Strength

Few days before i began this pushup program, Itried to put by 2.5 YO son on my back and tried to do pushups. I barely managed to do one. My son weighs about 35lbs. He loves it when i put him on my back and do pushups. This is a fun test of strength that i plan to do occasionally. This pushups is slightly different from regular pushups, Instead of pushing my body all the down, I only push little more than half way down.

Couple of weeks ago, I tried this, I was able to do 8.Today I tried this test again and I managed 15 nonstop pushps. I could have done more, but decided not to, since I have to repeat W3D3 tommorow.

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Jacob Aliet said...

Great. You are improving! Keep it up.