Thursday, August 21, 2008

Week 4 - Day 3 on 8/20/2008

I skipped a day to do this set of pushups, becasue I was way too much tired by all the walking we did in Montreal.

I expected this days pushups to be a bit more difficult than last two days. I failed to complete the 3rd and 5th sets. For this I can partially blame my wife :). I was doing these pushups in my hotel room and while I was doing the 3rd set, She was walking around me, which totally messed up my concentration and I just could not do any more after 11.

I was required to do 20,15,15,15, Max(at least 18)

I was able to do 20,15,11,15,12

I will attempt this day again tommorow. In the mean time, My current concern is that I am unable to do any more additional pushups in the last set. Most times I am barely able to complete the minimum required pushups. Part of the reason I believe is my weight, I have to find a way of loosing my weight similar to the pushups program, challenging, inspiring and fun.


Joe Scherb said...

Well, I've written off one workout due to my wife making jokes while I was trying to get the push ups in.

It's definitely a hazard.

I've heard about "The couch to 5K" plan if that's what your looking for. Running's great for weight loss if you don't have knee problems or some other issue.

Here's the c25k running plan;

Whatever program you come up with let me know, I've got a gut to lose too.

Jacob Aliet said...

I am glad you are "back" I was worried that you had given up on the program. I was also on Week 4 day 1 today.
Joe's link has a pretty interesting running plan. Have a look at it.
I am a runner and I have a half marathon in about ten weeks and I run some 28-30Kms per week. Last Sunday I realized I wasn't losing much weight and I came across the article from linked below. I started it 4 days ago and I have lost 1.5Kgs.
Basically, I have cut out sugar and cut back carbs and reduced what I eat before bedtime to a small portion of mostly protein.
I haven't changed anything else. Lets see how it pans out in the next four weeks. I have a 20Km run on Sunday. Cant wait. Keep it up.

BM said...

Joe.... Thanks for your suggestions. I will definetely look into couch to 5k plan.

Jacob...Thanks for stopping by. I do not plan on running marathon any time soon. The reality is I hate running and have had knee problems in the past, but I am still going to look into the plan suggested by Joe