Saturday, August 9, 2008

Week 3 - Day 2 - Third Attempt on 8/9/2008

Another Failure to finish all the sets. I did one more than previous attempt in the 5th set. I did the first two sets without too much effort. Started to struggle from the middle of the third set and at one point, I thought I may not be able to finish the fourth set.

I get the feeling that I am giving up too easily, although I do not feel that when I am actually doing the pushups. Usually by the time I do the last pushup, I do not have any more energy to lift myself up. What is more surprising is that how quickly the fatigue in my arms go away. In earlier weeks, it would take me more than a day for my muscles to heal. I really really needed a days rest before doing anymore pushups. I remember one day i tried to do pushups again in the evening after doing pushups in the morning, I could not even one pushup.

Right now I do not feel any fatigue in my arms,I feel like I can do few more pushups, Does this mean that i am giving up too easily when i am doing my sets? Does it mean that once i surpass my previous days pushup count, I just give up?

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