Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taking a break.... for now

I completed 5 weeks of the 100 pushups program and even started on week 6. Unfortunately I am unable to continue this program. I am not in the shape required to complete this program. I have managed to go from 8 pushups to 60+ consecutive pushups. I managed this over a period of 14-15 weeks. The Improvements is nothing but astounding. I have never done this many pushups even in my teenage years when I was 20 years younger and at least 75 lbs lighter.

These days when I do the pushups around 25th pushups, pressure builds up inside my chest and my head starts to get heavy and pretty soon it feels like that something inside my chest is about to snap. My head by this time is so heavy that it almost feels like blood flow is being cutoff from my brain. At this point I simply stop the pushups.

I suspect this physical discomfort has to do with every other area of my physical health which ranges from poor to abysmal. Although I have decent physical strength in biceps and triceps, I can barely run quarter of a mile without having an heart attack. I can barely carry my 3YO son up the stairs without my legs getting weak. I have gained weight and ballooned up in the last few weeks. My eating habits have become very unhealthy.

During the course of last 15 weeks , there have been many days, when I wanted to quit in frustration, the only thing that kept me from quitting was the realization that how much I would regret later. I have decided to quit the pushups program for now and I need to figure out what exactly is wrong. I am trying to decide if I should see a doctor in this matter.

I would definitely come back and finish this program at a later time. In the mean time I would e looking to start some other excersise routines that are not this streanous on my body.


Jacob Aliet said...

Your efforts have been commendable and congratulations. Try running. Its the best fat burner and will get you into good physical shape sooner than pushups. There are many training programs including c25K.

BM said...

Thanks Jacob.... That's exactly what I had in mind for new year. Will be buying a treadmill soon, Since it's freezing cold out here these days

Joe Scherb said...

Sorry, just got around to reading the post. First off, keep the positive in mind. You did a great job moving from 8 to +60. Congratulations! That's a big freak'n deal and you should feel proud of the accomplishment.

Second, without a doubt my running/endurance background helped me. I believe the added weight I carry made it more challenging.

If your thinking about running, try joining the community at justfinish.com. I'd be happy to help trade ideas on slowly gaining fitness. That's one of my big goals for 2009.


Either way, good look and good job with your pushups.